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Database Management

The database is the core of today's critical business applications. If the database is down or not performing, your business is suffering. Whether you are running Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, or a combination, Biggiweb Internet Solutions's database management products will give you confidence that your databases are available and performing optimally.

Our proven, industry-leading database management solutions enable IT professionals to:

  • Automate database design, development and testing
  • Manage multiple databases from a single console
  • Proactively diagnose performance and availability problems
  • Resolve problems with comprehensive SQL tuning and database analysis
  • Leverage existing storage investments
  • Automate Database Design, Development and Testing

Database performance and availability begins with custom design. Biggiweb provides "BisUmodel", a powerful database and application design tool that combines object-oriented, conceptual and physical data modeling capabilities in a single integrated environment. Using this tool, project teams will be able to deliver increasingly complex distributed applications accurately and on time.

Biggiweb provides automated development tools that help novice developers get up to speed quickly and give more experienced developers a versatile environment to extend their expertise. Biggiweb provides a complete and integrated development environment for coding stored procedures, schemas, SQL scripts and more — all from one easy-to-use graphical user interface. Debugging, SQL tuning, change analysis, and general administration features improve the quality and performance of database applications before they enter production.


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