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Biggiweb delivers a simple, cost-effective, always-available intranet for organizations of all sizes to effectively access, manage and streamline their work processes.

Large and small organizations face growing complexity and costs associated with sharing information and managing files both internally and with external clients and partners. Critical business information is often held by individuals scattered throughout the company and is frequently recreated or duplicated, resulting in costly redundancy and lost productivity. Solutions to resolve this challenge often require expensive document management or intranet software implementations or result in custom one-off development efforts to build, update and maintain compatibility with the company's systems and workflows.

Biggiweb adresses the needs of businesses seeking to build collaborative environments to support information sharing and document management. Biggiweb provides organizations the ability to create and manage shared information in a secure web-based environment. With Biggiweb's Intranet Systems, businesses enjoy the increased efficiency and cost-savings by having their own intranet solution without purchasing an expensive software package or incurring monthly hosting fees. Once implemented, it can immediately reduce costs associated with document printing and distribution, yielding an immediate return on investment.


Simple: Biggiweb uses intuitive interfaces that make it easy to organize, find and update essential data within a secure online workspace. It can be administered by non-technical staff and is quickly and easily deployed and integrated into existing Microsoft® Windows® networks.

Cost-Effective: Biggiweb is cost-effective to deploy and maintain. Low one-time license fees and Microsoft® Windows®-optimized architecture guarantees that the application fits within common business environments.

Always Available: It enables your co-workers, clients and partners to access and share documents, images, data files, contact lists, discussions, and links securely anytime and anywhere using a standard web browser and Internet connection.


File Management Project Management
Contact Management Event Management
Discussion Lists and Forums Email Forms
Secure Web-based Access Provides access to Clients and Partners
Easy Web-based Administration Delegated Administration
Role-based Security Integrates with existing Microsoft® Windows® File Servers
Leverages existing Microsoft® Windows® Active Directory Services Modular Framework
Extendable Architecture  

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