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Trouble Ticket:

This system is to be used if you want to raise any fresh issue or need any clarification relating to our site. New Investors and Advertiser can also use this system for queries.

This Query Ticket System will allow you to fill a form for your query/questions to our helpful staff. Fill the form with complete details of your question or Query relating to Biggiweb.com.

You will immediately receive Ticket Number and URL to track and see your ticket Progress. A support staff member will then be assigned to that request or ticket.

New tickets appear in the system as "Open" Ticket progress is tracked in our system until the issue has been solved to the customer's satisfaction.

If Query Staff will need any clarification you will receive the email to reply the same. When the Query is solved up to your satisfaction it will be then marked "Closed".

To contact our support team click here



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